Face mask and snorkel

Face mask and snorkel Our full face snorkel mask delivers unprecedented visibility — a full 180° field of view as the mask’s frame seals behind your peripheral vision. Due to that design, it also means that there is no longer a j-tube to bite down on. 5 out of 5 …4/15/2018 · The Atlin Full Face Snorkel Mask is designed with a full face lens that gives you an unparalleled view of your surroundings. A full-face snorkeling mask with a wide field of view for shallow freedives and surface snorkeling. Field Of View: 180 Full face snorkel masks are ideal for snorkellers who want a panoramic view of the underwater world whilst remaining on the surface. In this article, I’ll highlight what to look for and the best snorkel mask for narrow faces and I’ll review the following masks. Full Face Snorkel Mask - 2019 New Snorkel Mask 360° Rotating Double Snorkel Breathing System Easy Breathe - Real 180° Panoramic and Anti-Fog Leak-Proof A 4. Explore the ocean's coral reefs with the latest and greatest addition to the full face mask lineup, the Vue Tech Full Face Snorkel Mask from Deep Blue Gear. The ARIA sports the largest field of vision of any snorkel mask around. Specifications. Full face snorkel masks are easier than a traditional mask and snorkel combination especially for children as the chance of breathing in water is dramatically reduced due to the complete covering of both your mouth and nose. This is designed to make the snorkel mask easy to wear for extended periods. Ocean Reef ARIA Full Face Snorkeling Mask. ARIA allows divers to breathe through their nose, while the "dry top" prevents water from getting into the snorkel. The full face swim mask design features side air valves to prevent fogging & allows excess water to be expelled easily while a 100% hypo-allergenic silicone face skirt offers a soft, leakproof fit. The high-quality design also ensures this mask can take a hit or two and serve you well throughout your holiday. The snorkel mask has semi-permeable technology so that you can breathe in and out through your mask without the threat of water penetration. With an impressive new design, this mask sets itself apart from the competition not only in design details, but also functionality. A full face mask completely removes the mouthpiece creating a more natural experience. When finding a snorkel mask for narrow or small faces you’ll want to focus on a few things. #1 Aqualung Technisub Micromask #2 Scubapro Spectra Mini Mask #3 Atomic Aquatics Venom. The full face snorkel mask is designed very differently compared to the traditional mask. It combines the snorkel tube and goggles in a futuristic design that covers and protects This full face snorkel mask has a special curved design for a panoramic view that allows ultimate comfort and visibility. A more advanced snorkel mask that revolutionizes the whole traditional design. First off, the appearance, the full face mask will completely cover your face from the chin to your head leaving your hair out. It has amazing anti-fog technology, offering you an unhindered view underwater. It has built-in comfort straps. 6/9/2016 · The full face snorkel mask | How the Cozia Design OceanView brings innovation to the table Face mask and snorkel
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